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Susanna Lepola

About me

I’m a coffee addicted pixel and code pusher from Finland. Beside my passion for computers and coding, I’m also a big music freak and a real foodie who loves all of the good things in life.

I love learning new things, I love projects. My passion is inventing new; whatever the project has been, I embrace it. Target to a fluent, smooth, initiative and innovative direction. Head full of ideas, they may be small or large.

Susannan kuva

Courses and licenses

Safety at electrical work license

Safety license

Hot Work license

Road work safety license

First aid course 1 & 2 license

hygiene proficiency certificate


Adobe Photoshop




Java & JavaScript









Work experience

  • Eventa Creative Osk2018 - present
    Entrepreneur at Eventa Creative Osk.
  • Seravo Oy2018 - present
    Network Services Specialist at Seravo Oy. I started as summer employee.
  • Lantrek Ry2016 - present
    I've been organizer in several LanTrek events. Lantrek is one of the largest LAN parties in Finland.
  • WizIT Oy2017 - 3 months
    I was in an internship at WizIT Oy. I was working as IT-support.
  • Ideapark Karkkiparkki Oy2016 - 2017
    I was working in a café besides school.
  • Protacon Oy2015 - 3 months
    I was in an internship at Protacon Oy.
  • Yleisradio Oy2015 - 1 month
    I was chosen from a large group of applicants to be an summer employee in Public service broadcasting company, Yle.


Tampere Vocational College,

Restaurant and Catering


After elementary school, I decided to go to study Vocational Qualification in the Restaurant and Catering. I've been working in multiple cafes and restaurants, also I had 3 months internship. However, after wanting new challenges I decided to make a full turn and focus on information technology.

Tampere Vocational College,

Information and Communication Technology


I started studying in the middle of the semester, as I moved from the Restaurant and Catering degree. I found my great passion from information technology side, not that it was a surprise because from child I've enjoyed working with electronics.

You can access the Information and Communication Technology curriculum HERE.

Tampere University of Applied Siences,

Degree Programme in Business Information Systems


A great passion to achieve and learn new was pushing me forward even after a vocational school. After I graduated from vocational school, I ended up to continue my dream in TAMK; in the middle of good networks, great teachers and a variety of opportunities.

You can access the Business Information Systems curriculum HERE.

Susannan kuva


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Website project with WordPress for Siemenpuu Foundation.
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Logo and marketing material for Komon Oy
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Website project with Vue.js
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Website project with Laravel Framework
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RGB color organ with Arduino
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Android game project
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Website project with Laravel Framework

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